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Plant trees
for the carbon footprint

To protect the climate, we have some of the most powerful allies on our planet: trees. They play a crucial role in reducing CO2 emissions and preserving biodiversity. But our precious helpers need support, because their habitat is becoming increasingly constricted. In Germany, only about two percent of forests are protected, and even there logging is permitted. Most trees serve as raw material suppliers and are felled after only 60 to 120 years. Yet trees can even live to be 1000 years old or more. An impressive example of this is the 10,000-year-old spruce in Scandinavia, the oldest tree on our planet.

We have been supporting climate protection for years by planting trees through the Green Forest Fund.

Green Forest

Erich Kästner already knew: "There is nothing good - unless you do it." That's why it's time to get active and start planting trees. Preferably several at once... Because our trees should be allowed to grow until their natural end of life. The calculation is simple: A tree can absorb about three tons of CO2 over the course of 100 years. This is roughly equivalent to the amount that each of us produces in a quarter. So if we plant four trees a year, they offset our average personal carbon footprint. Trees are therefore one of the simplest and most effective means of combating climate change. Provided we allow them to grow and reach their natural age.

This is exactly what we are doing! We acquire suitable plots of land and plant trees on them. These are allowed to grow into natural forest ecosystems that provide a home for a variety of animals and plants, improve air quality and effectively combat climate change. In doing so, we follow nature's natural principles. In addition, we create bee pastures and bird sanctuaries on our land to optimize biodiversity and create new habitat for pollinating insects and our feathered friends. We are also preserving existing areas with old-growth trees and transforming them into the virgin forests of tomorrow.



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