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The good feeling
of being your
authentic self

ERFO makes fashion for discerning women who love to combine attractive design and reliable quality with excellent value for money. 

ERFO is fashion that is part of your life and allows you to be exactly who you are: feminine, honest and authentic. Fashion that always accompanies you wherever you go, just like a good friend. Enjoy the good feeling!


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out of conviction

ERFO is at home in an industry where trends come and go faster than in most others sectors. However, when it comes to corporate governance, we have committed ourselves to a lasting trend: sustainable and responsible management. We want to create collections that women can wear with conviction and a clear conscience:

  • 97 per cent of our collections are produced exclusively in Europe and in the bordering Mediterranean region. For high quality and short transport distances.
  • We support climate protection by planting trees through the  Green Forest Fund.
  • With the GLS KlimaProtect programme of our GLS logistic partner, all product shipments are shipped in a climate neutral manner.
  • In addition to this, we have committed ourselves to the Code of Conduct of the German textile and fashion industry. Thus, we stand for socially-responsible corporate management, respect for human rights, fair labour rights and conditions, as well as environmental protection.
  • We draft and design at our headquarters in Nordhorn and manufacture the sample collections in our own production facility in Lithuania.
  • We know all manufacturing companies personally and have worked with them for many years.
by your side.
Since 1937.

More than 80 years ago, young Eduard Schmidt was inspired by his desire to produce blouses that allowed women to move with natural grace. What originally started out as an idea soon turned into reality, thanks to a good mixture of textile expertise and a sure instinct for fashion.  This concept pERFOrmed really well and ultimately went on to become ERFO. Eduards son, Günter Schmidt, takes over the management of the company in 1977 and continues building on this story of success, most significantly by entering international sales markets. Meanwhile, Hauke Schmidt, the founder’s grandson, is leading the company in the third generation. He is responsible for ERFO’s modern presence. One thing has remained unchanged throughout the years, though: the basic conviction of wearable, life-affirming fashion for women who enjoy being their authentic selves.