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With Klima Protect, GLS delivers parcels in Germany as well as abroad in a climate-neutral manner through offsetting. This means that the greenhouse gas emissions caused by parcel transport and their other business activities are fully offset. To ensure this, GLS promotes various certified climate protection projects in cooperation with ClimatePartner. Here you can find detailed information about the project.

What does "climate neutral by offsetting" mean?
Climate neutral by offsetting means that greenhouse gases caused are offset again. This includes not only transporting parcels in the most environmentally friendly way possible, but also supporting climate projects and expanding a sustainable energy supply. Our goal is to constantly reduce emissions, to compensate for them where possible and, in the best case, to avoid them directly.

How does GLS implement sustainable shipping in concrete terms?
With our environmental initiative Klima Protect, GLS promotes and coordinates various activities to protect the environment. An important component is sustainable parcel shipping within Germany and Europe. Further measures for sustainable shipping by GLS are, for example:

  • Support for environmental projects: Emissions generated are offset by certified climate protection projects, e.g. abroad, in cooperation with ClimatePartner.
  • Environmentally friendly vehicle fleet: GLS is increasingly using electric vehicles.
  • Sustainable energy supply: 100% green electricity is used at all German locations.
  • European EcoHub: GLS's European transshipment hub with self-sufficient power supply, emission-free delivery and a biotope for species worth protecting.

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